About us

James Rathman, the founder of BlessedInternational.com, is a Christian Evangelist, speaker, author, writer, and teacher in outreach ministry, churches, TV broadcasts in seven states, and facilitator of missions domestically and internationally.

BlessedInternational.com was inspired by messages from God’s Holy Spirit to provide a platform and location for Christians throughout the world to network and gather for the greater glory of God’s Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ. We and our wonderful friends, and ongoing new friends, are joining together to serve Jesus in growing and inspiring ways.

Our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Christ are faithfully and fervently devoted to our primary missions. This includes foremost, prayer to do the will of God’s Holy Spirit, and overall directed works such as leading the unsaved to the repentance of sin and Jesus Christ ~ and facilitating Christians to join together in fellowship, worship, and praise, to Jesus. We are also devoted to bringing as many children of God as possible, closer to Jesus Christ and to each other, to love, as one, in the manner of Jesus, to give glory to God!

We at BlessedInternational.com are exceedingly humbled to serve the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit on their mission of eternal life and love ~ who give more life, for the purpose of more love, to give more glory! We would be excited for you to join us in this service to Jesus through faithful prayer and in submitting inspiring testimonies. We also currently need funding to help with wonderful mission services in the United States and internationally. This includes supplying fresh water wells, audio Bibles, and general costs to testify of Jesus to the impoverished Marawi people in Pakistan living in extreme poverty conditions! We are also accepting donations for varying ministry work such as; general costs to testify of Jesus and to create and teach discipleship in 22 U.S. states, and the providing of provisions such as food, centralized in the impoverished Appalachian region.

PayPal: jamesjohnjr100@yahoo.com

Thank you, blessings and love, James Rathman OneLostSheepMinistry33@gmail.com

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Clean water project in Pakistan