Appalachian Mission

From 2012 until current, the Holy Spirit of God guided Evangelist James Rathman to serve the Lord in the Appalachian region of the United States. Using the beautiful Bluefield regions as a base, the ministry has reached out to people in 19 states on a very personal level, spreading the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. In addition, the Lord’s hand was very visibly involved to guide and facilitate television productions through New Beginnings TV Network broadcast on Roku TV in 7 states.

James testifies that he feels exceedingly blessed to have met the people in these regions, “graciousness, kindness and warmth,” he says, that touches the heart and brings tears to the eyes. These regions are some of the poorest in the nation, with approximately 90% of the children in some of the counties, only having a breakfast and lunch to eat through subsidies. However, these wonderful people are quick to share anything that they have, including with a complete stranger.

Kindly pray for this ministry service, for the glory of God in Jesus Christ; the Holy Spirit and Word as witnesses to our Lord and Savior giving everlasting life just as a gift! Feel free to correspond with love, encouragement, ideas and suggestions.

Evangelist James Rathman: