A miracle! Jesus healed my heart! By James Rathman

A miracle! Jesus healed my heart! By James Rathman

Having had two heart attacks – two days apart, and a total of eleven heart procedures, five stents, and seven heart strength tests of 14% to 20%, I had suddenly been allocated to cardiologists that treat patients who are nearing death. In the midst of this, five people contacted me who did not know each other, and told me that the Holy Spirit told them that I needed to switch cardiologists, and some said that their message from the Holy Spirit included, that if I did not, I would pass away! None of these people had the knowledge that – shortly before their messages, I had been contemplating in my thoughts, whether or not to switch cardiologists. I already had a number of concerns about passing away, including due to one of my primary cardiologist’s stating that – without a heart transplant, I would die.

    Later, in November of 2021, I was completing two of the last of the physical tests needed, to try to get on a heart transplant list at a heart transplant center. As a well-known and respected heart transplant cardiologist had a catheter inserted into an artery in my neck on an operating table, I asked, “about how long do I have to live with my heart like this?” The cardiologist replied, “about 2 years.” Then, the gracious cardiologist added, trying to comfort and encourage me, “but don’t worry – that’s why we are doing this – we are trying to help you.”

    I realized that without a heart transplant, I had until about November of 2023, to live. In that same time-period, in 2021, a good Christian friend, named Amy, who had exceeding resolve in life, and a wonderful faith and love for Jesus, called on the phone. With the Holy Spirit speaking through her – Amy told me that I would pass away in the month of October, in 2023, without a heart transplant.

    Obviously, I was only going to listen to the message from the Holy Spirit coming through Amy, including with such a precise specific – that I would die IN the month of October of 2023, without a heart transplant. But I found it curious that the cardiologist stated that right at about the same time-period, I would pass away.

    On that same day that the heart transplant cardiologist informed me that I would pass away in two years, I also had a liver biopsy – needed to qualify for the heart transplant list. One week later, I collapsed, at home, unconscious from my liver bleeding, and woke up only by the grace of Jesus – and called 911. I ended up in a hospital ICU unit, and then another unit, for 6 days, in which a surgeon told me that I was going to pass away. My liver had been accidentally pierced during the test at the heart transplant center, and it was too precarious to transport me an hour to the heart transplant center – that also specialized in the liver.

    Jesus was clearly with me. Having defied the surgeon’s diagnosis about passing away from the liver issue, I gained strength and left the hospital. I later thought about all that I had experienced in the months of testing, and other, added on, difficulties, to try to get on the heart transplant list. After going through such an extensive process, I could not get on the list due to one last technicality. I could not find the heart transplant center’s requirement of a caregiver within a certain radius of the heart transplant center, who could stay next to me for 24 hours a day, for 90 days, after the heart transplant. I only knew of a few people in that area, and they either had families to take care of, and or jobs. I did not realize it at the time, but this turned out to be a blessing.

    I knew that I had to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and get a heart transplant. However, I was not very accepting of this, and I kept praying and hoping that Jesus would heal my heart.                       

One day, I could sense in the Holy Spirit, that I was also to give a testimony about different aspects of healing, accordingly, and when needed, to help others. This includes that God approves of medical science treatment, and medications. And of course, Jesus heals directly at any time that He desires, including through prayer. I also sensed in the Holy Spirit, that at times, God will guide in a combination of these ways for healing. The Holy Spirit also told me to testify that God’s children are to eat healthy natural foods in the body that He gave us, which is a Temple of the Holy Spirit.    

    In the early Spring of 2023, I was walking near a lake. As I passed by a woman in a parked car, she said hello, and then asked if I wanted prayer. I explained my health situation to her and specifically requested, “don’t pray for healing, though, pray for a successful heart transplant ‘only!’ That is what Jesus wants me to do!” She prayed, and the Holy Spirit poured upon us in a beautiful manifestation! I learned that her name was Melissa, and I refrained from telling her – to not make her self-conscience – that she was, lit up, as a bright light in the Spirit of Holy Jesus by the end of the prayer!

    Not long after, a good Christian friend, named Susan, called on the phone, a servant of Jesus, who, for over twenty years – besides her regular job – specialized in volunteer and heartfelt help to those in-need. Susan enlightened me that she had a prior vision from God and was not allowed to tell me until right then. She said that she had a vision of a Bible story, ‘Abraham, from the guidance of the Lord, ready to sacrifice his son, Isaac – and the Angel of God telling him to pull back at the last moment!’

    My friend told me that she sensed in the Holy Spirit, that God was eliminating the need for the heart transplant, and that He would heal me before I would pass away in October of 2023! I was thinking through this incredible message while on the phone with Susan…and suddenly, I had enlightenment! I told Susan how this pieced together – with me finally having resigned to having complete obedience to God to get the heart transplant when I asked the woman, Melissa, to pray at the lake, and Jesus was apparently rewarding my obedience.

    After I got off the phone with Susan, I could not fully grasp the message and its magnitude! The enormity of the love of Jesus was beyond comprehension! I had previously denied Jesus for decades – and He still had such grace and mercy on me! I did not even know how to praise Jesus enough!

    My friend Susan was tone deaf as a child, informed by a singing coach that she would never sing. She prayed for a singing voice, and Jesus gave her a singing voice that matured over the years. This included, her voice growing into, ‘beautiful opera singing prayers in the Holy Spirit,’ for healing! At the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Susan sang on the phone to me for 2 months; about 3 minutes a day for 62 days straight – ‘singing opera prayers for healing through the Holy Spirit!’

    Each day that Susan sang for a few minutes over the phone; I did not want it to end! Each day as she sang, I felt powerful and varying levels of euphoric closeness to the Holy Spirit! Within the beautiful manifestations of the Holy Spirit as Susan sang …. I sought new ways to praise Jesus, including with thanks infused, as one, within my thoughts of praise to Jesus!

    During this time-period, I was also guided to read God’s Word for healing, and dear friends and strangers were also praying for healing. This included an incredible experience after a church service, with absolutely – endearing friends, a wonderful Christian married couple, named Michael and Pamela, gathering the church’s prayer group. The Holy Spirit poured upon us as they prayed. Then, complete strangers were taking turns speaking to me with such moving Christ-like love – words having wonderful and kind loving encouragement and hope and faith-building … that I had to hold back tears. It took me three days to download the experience – of such a beautiful manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and feeling so cared for, and from those who were mostly strangers!

    Right before the 2 months of the healing opera prayers in the Holy Spirit from Susan, I was out of breath, exhausted upon standing, lightheaded, was getting weaker, and my body was noticeably deteriorating and dying. I was bed bound about four to five days out of the week for 23 hours of the day. Even before the two months of the healing opera prayer was completed, I had strength as I had not had in years! Toward the end, and right after the 62 days of prayer for healing, I was increasingly walking and jogging for over a mile and a half, running wind sprints, doing fifteen to twenty-five reps of dips, and approximately fifty, half push-ups, in one set. By then, it was August of 2023, just two months before I was previously set to pass away, and I was elatedly praising Jesus as I had never!

    Also, during those two months, at a revival, a wonderful Christian man of great faith, named Edwin – filled with the Holy Spirit, prayed healing over me, and I felt an immediate and noticeable improvement to my health!

    Jesus clearly made intercession and healed my heart during those months! I could breathe as I had not been able to for years, and I’m moving forward in an exciting new season to witness, serve, and testify of our Lord and Savior, JESUS, WHO IS LOVE!

    Very shortly after the healing, I sensed in the Holy Spirit to be bold and spread the testimony of how Jesus healed my heart, for hope and faith-building to help others!

    One day, an extraordinary Christian named Rena, a woman of a bright light, love, faith, and heartfelt passion to serve Jesus, was sitting to my right. Rena suddenly placed her left hand on my chest, at my heart area. Rena looked at me and exclaimed, “Jesus – really ‘did’ heal your heart!!!”

    Rena, then elaborated. She explained, that right before she placed her left hand on my heart, she had a vision of a red healthy heart with a healthy clear blue vein running through the heart – and she understood that Jesus had healed me! This was simply an extraordinary experience, for so many reasons! I knew that I would not only never forget this blessing from Jesus, and that moment with Rena, engaging with the Holy Spirit as a messenger…but I believed that through the rest of my life I would keep trying to fully embrace the magnitude of the blessing and the logistics of it!

    I later prayed and considered ‘to get new heart tests,’ not for proof to myself that I had been healed, as I had faith. My thinking was to have, ‘before and after,’ medical test results, and then present them accordingly in certain scenarios when testifying of how Jesus healed my heart. This would be a great testimony for Glory in Jesus, no doubt! However, I prayed, and could sense a much better testimony with the Holy Spirit of God enlightening and guiding me – to give a testimony of Jesus healing me – and to also include in the testimony, that my faith and trust in Jesus was not going to return to a cardiologist ‘to get heart tests!’

    Jesus had already given me abundant proof of my heart being healed by Him. This included having been mostly bed bound, and then up, running sprints, and conducting other exercises and activities that would not be possible for someone with my previous heart condition. I also received the message from the Holy Spirit through Rena of a healthy heart. And I could sense in the Holy Spirit that Jesus had healed me!

    Later, a messenger from the Holy Spirit told me that, eventually, I should, in fact, get the medical records for a ‘before and after’ testimony, as a faith and hope-builder to present when useful. This made sense to give the testimony without the medical tests first, because those two ways of giving the testimony for Glory in Jesus – could not be done in the opposite order. There could only be one of those two testimonies to give – if I first gave the ‘before and after’ medical testimony, as this would negate the testimony of faith alone and not returning to a cardiologist to get heart tests. And for my own personal gratitude to Jesus, it felt good to give Glory to God in Jesus – having complete faith that He had healed my heart without the proof of a medical test! In the past, I might not have had such trust and faith in Jesus, and it felt good to have the opportunity to let Jesus feel my love and gratitude for Him, in the regard of having trust and faith in Him alone!

    In the midst of this healing, the generous Spirit of Holy Jesus sent an additional blessing that changed my life into a type of joy as I have never felt! Thanks to Jesus, I’m awake late at night, at times, not from varying suffering, but literally from having met so much joy in my life that I cannot sleep! There is too much to testify of and too much to praise Jesus for, to not storm castles praising the gift of life and God’s Glory of love in Jesus! My newfound joy reveals – ‘how can we all not seek new ways to give great praise to Jesus’ …. including by giving the testimony to others who need hope and or salvation, of eternal life and eternal love through Jesus!

    Lived and written by James Rathman: Evangelist

    Correspondence: OneLostsheepMinistry33@Gmail.com