Are we conducting goodness or evil?

Are we conducting goodness or evil?

God’s Holy Word reveals every trait, characteristic, and aspect of goodness and evil, and how the choices of each engage with either – God’s Holy Spirit…or with the enemy’s spirit. It is a much greater challenge – to serve Jesus, to live life to its fullest, and to even conduct basic functions – without having the knowledge of which S(s)pirits that oneself and the population is open to and giving permission to.

Many Christians yearn and excel as maturing vessels of the selfless Holy love of Jesus Christ. But unfortunately, a portion of the population is destructive by engaging in evil; knowingly, unknowingly, and at times, enjoying exercising both goodness and evil.

Below, with some descriptions having modern explanations and terminology, is a partial list of some of the traits, characteristics, and other aspects of goodness and evil revealed in God’s Word, which can yield openness to the enemy’s spirits…or openness to God’s Holy Spirit.

EVIL: Pride, lies, vanity, entitlement, envy, lusts, attention seeking, manipulations, and selfishness. Evil also includes, ‘rejecting the will of God, rejecting the commands of God’s Word, rejecting conducting Christ-like love, rejecting trusting in God, and rejecting righteous truth and its humility.’

Evil is without a conscience to pray for God’s view of itself. It has a doctrine of tailor-made rules suited for self, including the rationalizing of sin. Its pride and envy cannot bear to be outdone, needing to be the constant center of attention, using a variety of methods and outlets to do so. This includes by lying, through the gain of social statuses, positions of power and authority, ‘the gain of money, material items, and physical traits to pose and boast,’ social media posts for vanity, a story-teller, a drama producer, ‘destroys to control,’ always in distress, charitable to feel proud, denigrates others to appear and feel greater, pits one person against another, gossips, and has a portfolio of manipulations. Evil is of the world and the enemy, bearing greed, striving for worldly, and can be ‘double-minded – posing with Christ and with worldly.’ 

Evil is a tempter, creates stumbling blocks for others to sin, is unaccountable, enjoys the downfall of others, seeks to create division, is disloyal, betrays, a player, not trustworthy, lacks honor, is unaccountable, and an excuse maker – slyly evading guilt when cornered to its lies.

Evil is arrogant, haughty, boastful, announces deeds for self-glory, yearns for popularity and human approval, a ‘people pleaser’ to stroke its ego, and ‘conducts part of life by reacting to people, their words, and the world.’ Evil conducts reactionary sins, including to stress, and is intolerant, overbearing, not accepting of other people’s opinions, incorrigible, can’t bear correction, offended by evil insults, and has rage, anger, and hate. Evil denigrates, belittles, is an immature mocker, fault finder, finger-pointer, has malice, maliciousness, guile, bitterness, is spiteful, a busybody, ‘spreads misery, murmuring, and negativity,’ and is a chronic abuser and accuser.

Evil has idle acceptance of sin, places human favoritism as a priority over righteous truth, and places relationship pleasures as a priority over a care of each other’s eternal relationships with Jesus. Evil lashes out to protect emotional wounds, is without mercy and forgiveness, embraces false idol worship, and judges the world based from who self is. 

Evil seeks to receive love more than to give love, has a need to be right, and is on a crusade of the testimony of self…rejecting, or manipulating God’s Word for advantage of self. Evil is never content, always in-want, never satisfied, a user, having a poor attitude, and unappreciative to Jesus for blessings. Evil lacks care to testify of the repentance of sin and Jesus to help others gain salvation, consistently rejects to pray for the exact will of our Holy Father through God’s Holy Spirit, ‘and wants glory of self – the same, or more,’ than glory for our Father in Jesus.

GOODNESS: Does the will of God, keeps the commandments of God’s Word, reciprocates Jesus Christ’s Holy love, loves God, loves God’s children, ongoing seeks to greater understand and give Christ-like love for our Father’s Glory, and is a friend, and loyal. Goodness has faith, believes, trusts, and is faithful, has honor, ‘seeks God’s righteous truth, humility, knowledge, and wisdom,’ and is selfless, sacrificial, and shares.

Goodness is loving, caring, kind, discerning, compassionate, empathetic, gracious, and gently sensitive to seek the most generously thoughtful words to others. Goodness has more joy to give others joy – than from one’s own direct joy, seeks to give love more than to receive love, and does unto others the same as what they would want done. 

Goodness is a good listener, esteems others more than themselves, is full of grace and mercy, forgiving, tender, and thankful. It is sincere in heartfelt prayers for others, prays to seek God’s view of oneself, ‘ongoing seeks accountability’s basis’ for growth,’ is without any idle acceptance of sin, and rebukes all evil.

Goodness is obedient, has a conscience for righteousness that is sorrowful upon sinning, repents accordingly, seeks the wisdom and love that was lacking to have had sinned, grows only stronger and closer to Jesus from mistakes, and uses failures to gain more wisdom unto greater successes.

Goodness praises, and ongoing seeks deeper levels of praise, gratitude, and worship of God. It exudes adoration to Jesus, and is a ‘defender of Christ, the Word, and righteousness.’ It continually hungers for righteousness, has a good attitude, diligently prays for those exercising evil to repent and change their ways, and embraces Holiness. Goodness also precisely embraces God’s allocated roles for serving, fellowships in Jesus, seeks for all to fellowship in Jesus, and is appreciative to Jesus for its blessings.

Goodness has ‘tenacity, is grateful, and bold in serving Jesus,’ a warrior for Christ, giving all glory to God! It yearns to grow closer to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, expressing submissive love from spirit to God’s Holy Spirit. Goodness is devoted, prays without ceasing, prays with faithful reliance of the Holy Spirit’s direct intercessions, and continually seeks God’s wisdom to address all things. 

Goodness has joy in correction, is a facilitator of eternal gifts, diligently prays for the unsaved, and testifies to lead the unsaved to repentance and Jesus. Goodness rejoices in seeking and learning how to give greater love and glory to our Father in Jesus!

Written by James Rathman: Evangelist

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