Disarming the Jezebel

Disarming the Jezebel

The Jezebel spirit of the enemy infiltrates directly and from person to person. For gain to its enhanced sense of self, for assorted reasons, the Jezebel exercises an array of cunning manipulations from a multitude of complex evil traits. The Jezebel is prideful, deceitful, expects the world should be aligned for them, needing the center of attention, having exceeding envy.

The envy of the Jezebel spirit, void of truth- slyly emulates Jesus. The Jezebel, spiritually marries, to destroy for control. Jezebel influenced churches include glorifying self and the physical church, and churches of Christ glorify only Christ. Words can be seductive spells through the Jezebel, unaware to even all parties. The Jezebel’s self-centered ways destroy peace, families, communities, work places, churches and countries, and instigate wars. Discernment includes an underlining ‘spiritual unease,’ never peace.

Infiltrating the mind, spiritual permission can come from entertaining thoughts of evil: ‘thinking’ can become concurrent prayers to the Jezebel; acquiring ‘destructive strategies.’ A controlling human Jezebel, and its willing subjects and enablers, are ‘all’ sinning, all assistants to the devil to destroy themselves. The Jezebel’s vanity is never satisfied. To appease it, empowers it.

The Jezebel is clever, seducing in steps. It favors to work through those who someone loves, people of influence, and in group associations.

ANY acceptance of evil is sin- ANY worriment or fear of evil is sin. Created human life, is not for a defense, but for glory, becoming filled with Holy Jesus! Trust and faith embraces the power of Jesus, praying for protection accordingly, but living, life’s purpose! Heightened enlightenment within the extraordinary presence of the Holy Spirit, on the outside of the world looking in, thrives in life’s purpose; conducting righteous truth’s wisdom and euphoria of love with Jesus Christ, for eternal glory!

Written by James Rathman: Evangelist