Mission statement for Pastor Khalid ‘Sam’ Bhatti and Gospel Evangelistic Ministries

Mission statement for Pastor Khalid ‘Sam’ Bhatti and Gospel Evangelistic Ministries

Pastor Sam grew up as a Christian in the pre-predominate Islamic country of Pakistan, under intermittent and varying persecution. Persevering, this dynamic witness for Jesus is devoted on a full-time basis to spreading Christian love with God’s guidance and wise efforts; foremost leading the unsaved to Jesus.

Our Christian Brother Sam is continually active in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in churches and in outreach ministry. Pastor Sam is also currently involved in creating and distributing audio devices of the Bible for the impoverished and illiterate Marawi population in Southern Pakistan who are in need of hope and are hungry for God’s Word. This dynamic Pastor is also working hard with installing clean water wells in these same areas to people who bathe and drink from polluted dirty water.


Future goals and plans for Pastor Sam and Gospel Evangelistic Ministry are primarily based in Pakistan, but have recently made a significant impact in Thailand, and through invitation, upcoming for a week, will be speaking at a revival in the country of Uganda. 

Pastor Sam is currently in need of funding for the below listed items. We thank you for your appreciation of these matters, and any donations you would care to give will be used carefully and wisely, involving you in great causes.

Thank you,                                 

Gospel Evangelistic Ministries

Pakistan Mission

 $350 for each water well

$10   per audio devise with Bible device in Marwari and Sindhi Language which most of Hindus speak.

$500 per local mission for food distribution

$500 per local mission for clothing/footwear distribution                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Pastor Khalid ‘Sam’ Bhatti: gemevangelism@gmail.com                                                                     James Rathman OneLostSheepMinistry33@gmail.com