Prayer of praise

Prayer of praise

Father, in Jesus, undeserving of anything, in truth’s humility of who I am, I repent and praise your forgiveness of my sins, I rejoice to bow in submissive loving yield to you. Feel my love, my joy for you!

I praise your glory rising in Jesus Christ, defeating the enemy, sin, and even death at the cross! Jesus, praise your Holy blood, give glory in Heaven, ‘more life, more love,’ your glory!

Praise you, Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, saving us sinners from ourselves, to bring us to your glory! Praise your eternal love of mercy!

In worship, praise you, Dear Beloved Father of the love of mercy, my Lord Jesus of unwavering love on a cross, your Holy blood cleansing my sins, praise the beautiful presence of your Holy Spirit, a needed witness of the eternal Lamb of glory, feel the deepest chambers of my heart, in adoration of your Holy presence!

I call out, praise, with all my being, the magnitude of the gift of eternal life, just to love me, without end! In reverence of your Holy glory, I pray in celebration, I search for new love songs from my heart to you!

Praise your Holy wisdom and euphoria of righteous truth, your Heaven! In the love of praise, all Heaven and earth watching your vindication, your love, your mercy, greater than sin, my heart’s love of gratitude to you!

My endearing Father, your glory, in Lord Jesus…in adulation I praise your Holy Spirit, praise you, my hope, your promise, eternal life, a Holy paradise, your presence, Heaven! Praise you, calling me worthy, to be living, as one, within your Holy Spirit of Holy peace and love, life without end, your glory! Jesus Christ, your love of mercy, Jesus having risen, bringing us with Him to glory! Amen.

Written by James Rathman: Evangelist: