The value of love

The value of love

Only from love – does a child of God come into existence, receive God’s Word, have Jesus pay the price for their sins, exchange affections of the heart with each other, and receive all that they have, including eternal life!                                                    

Deep grieving can occur in the matter of love between God’s children, for many reasons. This includes, two people meeting and having love, and before beginning a relationship, not learning each other’s values of love with God and people.                              

Sincere love, stating that they are a ‘Christian’ and desiring an exclusive relationship with you, have telltale signs that would reveal more than just their words stating that they are a Christian. Although every child of God is in different stages and areas of growth as a Christian, a seasoned Christian would have an accountable conscience for righteousness, offer to pray with and for you, read the Word with you, fellowship in church with you, try their best to do God’s will – and will not place their personal pleasures, including with you, above caring for you and your joy, happiness, purpose, and eternal destiny and relationship with Jesus!                                                                                      

One person might value love as the exceeding gift that it is. Then to discover later that the other person might love, but lack in placing value on love’s respect, devotion, loyalty, selfless gratitude, honor to God and each other – and delight not the same in love’s gift of the amazing yield of life, glory, and the richest possible human feelings and emotions.                                                  

A portion of the population is engaged to worldly lusts; such as lusts of self, vanity, power, attention seeking, money, worldly striving, the flesh, material items, and marriage/relationship arrangements for worldly, etc., placed over the purity of Christ-like love. Selecting a course or choice that rejects the possibility of just the hope for a fulfillment of love’s feelings and sensations, is a rejection of the nature and optimal feelings of life.            

Better is the vacancy of a relationship, but to still have the hope of love, than choices that yield no hope at love!       

    Even the toughest hearts can eventually crack from a conscience having purposely chosen an alternative over the chance at a fulfillment of affections to a heart’s created purpose of love. The graciousness of love prays with love’s empathy for enlightenment to come upon those who live as if worldly lusts transcend – it is only the eternal glory of the Holy Spirit of love who transcends us!                                                            

A vessel of God’s love can conduct eternally designed achievements past human capacity; for themselves, others, and eternal glory! Love up High can arrange divine love between God’s children on earth that transcends and never ends!            

God is love, a wellspring, creating life – for a synergy of love that never ends!                                               

Only with love can a child of God give deserving glory to Jesus, the sustainer of their life and habitat! Just a few words of love and care to someone in-need, can touch the heart in a way greater than all worldly things combined, giving feelings within of renewed life! A heart blossoming in novel pleasures of love can have past troubles that weighed, quickly dissipating, for newfound places of joy in the heart!            The free will of two believers understanding the value of love, growing as selfless vessels of Christ-like love, can become seemingly as one, in heightened realms of wisdom and euphoria of love!                                    

Love is, two people, that no matter; nothing would stop them, they would come for the other!!!                                            

Two believers, as one, embracing the precious gift of love, take solace and rejoice having the knowledge of eternal things – knowing the magnitude that their love will never end(!), but transform unto a ceaseless joy of love with each other, and with God and all in Heaven, a paradise of glory, all beginning from God’s love without a beginning or ending!                                                                                                                                              

Ephesians 4:16 And to know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God. From whom the whole body (Christ and His children) fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

Written by James Rathman: