Powerful prayer for a healing from health issues

Powerful prayer for a healing from health issues

(Prayer to approach and get right with God)
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ. I come before your Throne: in exceeding humility for who I am. I humbly bow my heart in worship, and repent my sins. Please forgive me.

(Prayer for protection)
I know of your Spirit and Word; their witness to Jesus Christ, His blood, power, and grace. Your Word offers your children access to call out the blood of Jesus; in the command to disperse the serpent’s spirits of control who feed on vanity and its lies of sin for destruction. I know that the enemy attacks your children extra, who pray with boldness and matter of fact faith, including and especially those with effectual faith-filled prayers that heal through Jesus Christ.

Therefore, for protection; I plead the blood of Jesus Christ right now coming throughout me, and the blood of Jesus Christ coming all around my immediate surroundings. All evil of the enemy’s spirits that might be present: must flee now in the blood of Jesus Christ. No evil can get through or near me, in the blood of Jesus Christ: give glory.

(Prayer for the building of faith)
Lord; come upon me, pour into me, with YOUR faith, filling me throughout; no place of me without YOUR faith. You speak Words: and Heavens are in existence. You spoke words for me and all of your children’s existence. You defeated death and sin, giving a way through your Son Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, for eternal life in your Heaven of peace and love. I praise your mercy, grace, faithful Words and promises, confident; YOUR faith in me, I pray:

(Prayer for healing)
Father, Almighty God of the Heavens and creator of all things; I humbly ask; with faith filled throughout me; pour your Holy Spirit upon me, for no place left unchecked, and cleanse me of any illnesses.

In the humility of truth, with faith; send your Warring Angels; casting the enemy and any persuasion and support it has had for any illnesses, powerless to assist anymore.

I humbly call upon you: with faith throughout me; send your Healing Holy Spirit and Healing Angels, to heal me permanently.

(Prayer of faith to thank and give glory to God)
Give glory; if I pray for one person, or if I pray for the earth, or I pray for my illness; your power, the same.

Make a noticeable great cleansing, evident of your hand, for your glory.

Let them who do not know you, know you, and come unto Jesus and repentance through my healing and my testimony of it.

Humbly before you; I give much praise: your glory.

Undeserving to receive anything; I call out for your glory: for much praise to come up High, in the cleansing of my illnesses.

Deserving nothing, in humility and faith, I thank you in advance, your glory in the Heavens, in Jesus Christ the Highest; this prayer request answered. Amen.
James Rathman: Evangelist: JamesJohnJr7000@gmail.com